Whitesville Public Library
Meeting Minutes August 18, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President Kristi Garis at 7:08 pm.  Those present were Sandy Knowles, Shambra Hamilton, Kristi Garis and Karen Smith

*Resignations from the board of trustees for Kerry West, effective August 9, 2020, and Susan Ellison effective August 10, 2020, were read by Kristi.  Motion to accept the resignations was made by Shambra; seconded by Sandy.  |
*The need for board members will be advertised asking interested parties to submit a letter of interest to the library prior to September 15 where the board will appoint replacement members. Chris (Lukacz) Grom had shown some interest, but has a conflict and will be unable to accept an appointment to the board at this time.
*With the resignation of Kerry, financial officer, Kristi Garis’ name will be added to the bank accounts.  The names of Kerry West and Joanna Clark will be removed.

*Motion to accept was made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra.

*Motion to accept the July report was made by Shambra and seconded by Sandy.
*There were no bills to review.  A motion was made by Shambra and seconded by Sandy to pay Alvin King for lawn mowing if he turns in a bill for more than $100 prior to the September meeting so he does not have to wait an entire month for his pay.

*Karen should advertise the need for someone to do snow removal.  Queries will be made about town to find a good rate of pay.   Pay rate will be discussed at the September meeting.
*Ken has looked at the laptop.  It seems to be a power cord problem, not the laptop.
*Motion to accept the director’s report was  made by Shambra, seconded by Sandy.

*Profits:  Book Sale  $40.25
               Ice Cream Social  $112.58
               Garden Tour  $305.00
                     Door prizes were won by Jan Talbett, Sheri Sherman and Geralyn Gough.

Upcoming Fundraisers: 
*The library will host a scarecrow making contest from October 1st -November 16th.  There will be a $10 entry fee that will go toward prizes, gift cards to local businesses.   The amount and number of prizes will be dependent on the number of entries.  The town board will be asked to judge the scarecrows.  Motion for this was made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra.
*Election Day Soup on the Go.  Board members and library staff will make soup and dinner rolls.  The Bicentennial committee will be asked if they would like to do a bake sale as they did last year.  We will ask if we can use the truck bay at the fire hall.  Motion for this was made by Shambra and seconded by Sandy.

*The Bylaws, Article 3 OFFICERS was amended to require any board of trustee that resigns their position prior to their term ending must submit a written letter of resignation which must include a signature.
Motion was made by Shambra and seconded by Sandy.

*Landscaping at the library was completed on Monday, August 17th.  Joanna Clark and Kerry West donated the weed mat.  It is unsure about payment for the mulch that was purchased.
*Marsha Van Vlack and Karen are going to submit an Arts grant to put a Totem Garden in the back yard to prohibit the ability to drive across the septic tank. 
*All director evaluations have been turned in.  Kristi and Shambra will be meeting to compile the information.
*The meeting day and time will remain as the third Tuesday of each month as it no longer conflicts with the school board meeting.

*Sandy will take care of the garbage removal.
*Motion was made by Shambra and seconded by Sandy.

*The next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 15th at 7:00 pm. 

*Motion to adjourn at 8:25 was made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen M. Smith
(acting until a secretary is appointed)                               

August, 2020 Board Minutes