Whitesville Public Library
Meeting Minutes September 15,2020

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by President Kristi Garis.  Those present were Sandy Knowles, Shambra Hamilton, Karen Smith, Lori Bokan, library bookkeeper

Due to the resignation of Kerry West as financial officer Sandra Knowles was appointed as financial officer to complete the fiscal year.  She will go to the bank with Kristi Garis and Lori Bokan t have their names on all library accounts.
A motion for Sandy to become the financial officer was made by Shambra and seconded by Kristi.

*Motion to accept the minutes from the August 18, 2020 meeting was made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra.

*Motion to accept the financial report was made by Shambra and seconded by Sandy.
*There were no bills for board approval.
*Budget Discussion:
  The library has not been paying unemployment.  Lori said that it needs to be paid.  If an employee should file for unemployment the library would have to pay the full amount.  Lori will check into this and begin payments in October.
  Lori answered questions and gave suggestions about budget increases and cuts. 
  Insurance will be going up, Kristi will check to see if we can get a lower rate at another company.
  Lori’s fees will not increase in 2021.
  It was noted that the CD and savings account information is not on the bank statements from Community Bank.  Lori will check with the bank to see what can be done to get that information. 
  Karen will begin the budget and present a rough draft.  The board will study the budget and decide if there are other cuts and increases that need to be made.
  Lori’s fees will not be increased in 2021.
A motion to accept these suggestions was made by Shambra and seconded by Sandy.

*Karen distributed the 2019 mini report for the public.  It was completed in March, but due to shut down and re-opening it never got to the board.
*Karen suggested that the library go fine-free on all items.  Juvenile items are already fine-free and we take in less than $100/year in fines so they really do not impact the budget.  It will be a service to the patrons to not have overdue fees.  IF an item is lost patrons will still be accountable for that, but not the overdue fees.
A motion was made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra to go fine-free on all items.
*A motion to accept the resignation of aide, Faye Shay, was made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra.
*Due to the resignation it was discussed to change the hours.  Karen indicated that most of the aide’s responsibilities were to plan and implement programs and since we are not able to do in-house programs for the unforeseeable future there is not a lot for the aide to do. 
  The following hours will become effective on Monday, November 2nd, 2020:
Monday 9:00-5:00; Tuesday 2:00-6:00; Wednesday 9:00-5:00; Thursday CLOSED; Friday 9:00-4:00; Saturday 9:00-12:00.

Karen will meet with Barb Billings to see if she is interested in a 2 hour/week cleaning position.
A motion to accept these hours and to approach Barb about cleaning was made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra.

*Due to concerns brought to the attention of some board members about selling items made in non-state inspected kitchens the Election Day Soup Sale has been cancelled for 2020.
A motion was made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra to cancel the sale.
*Final plans were made for the Scarecrow contest.  It will begin on 10/1 and end on 11/16.  The town board will be the judges.  Karen gave judges forms to be approved.  The $10 registration fee is due at the library by 10/31 to be considered for judging.  All of the registration fees will go toward prizes to locally owned businesses.
A motion to accept these plans was made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra.

*No items to discuss

*No items to discuss as they have been discussed in budget and the director’s report portions of the meeting.

*All items for new business were cared for in the budget and director report discussions. 

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 20th at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned to executive session at 9:10 pm.
Motion made by Sandy and seconded by Shambra.

The executive session was called to order at 9:15 by president Kristi Garis.   The purpose of this session was to discuss personnel hours and wages. 

The executive session was adjourned at 9:35 to resume regular session.
The motion to adjourn the executive session was made by Sandy and seconded by Kristi.

The regular session resumed at 9:35 pm by president Kristi Garis.
*The cleaner and substitutes will earn the NYS minimum wage for 2021.
*Karen will receive a 2% pay increase for 2021.  She will also work one additional hour/week due to the change in hours.
A motion to accept these executive session matters was made by Shambra and seconded by Sandy.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Shambra and seconded by Sandy at 9:40 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen M. Smith (Until a secretary can be appointed)

September, 2020 Board Minutes