Whitesville Public Library
Meeting Minutes May 19th, 2020
The Zoom meeting was called to order at 7:22 PM, with Karen Smith, Joanna Clark, Kristi Garis,
Kerry West, Sue Ellison and guest Sandy Knowles in attendance.
Sue motioned to accept the minutes from the April meeting and Kristi seconded.
Monthly Financial Report for April. Kerry motioned to accept and Sue seconded.
Bills for review: None
Director’s Report: The Board and Karen discussed preparations for the library to re-open,
including purchase and placement of plexiglass and hand sanitizer. To keep costs down, Sue
volunteered to source materials and build the shield for the Director’s desk. There was a motion
to accept Sue’s proposal and the motion passed 3-1. Joanna will check with Butch Calcote at
Fassett Lane to see if he can offer a discount to the library.
The Board approved a $200 limit on the purchase of no-touch hand sanitizers. Kristi suggested
we may be able to get them through the school, and will report back.
Upon re-opening, returned items in the dropbox will be quarantined at the end of each day.
Also discussed was the use of the public computers and ways to help keep staff and patrons
Cleaning of the library can begin on June 16th. Curbside delivery will begin on June 29th.
Kristi motioned to accept the Director’s Report and Kerry seconded.
Budget Committee Report: Nothing to report.
Building and Maintenance Report: Nothing to report
Fundraising Report: Nothing to report
Policies and Procedures Report: Sue motioned to approve the internet policy and Kristi
Kristi motioned to accept the DVD policy and Sue seconded.
Old Business: Kerry motioned to accept the Long Range Plan of Service and Kristi seconded.
New Business: Joanna did not submit a self-nomination form to be re-elected to the board. She
would be interested in helping to establish a Friends of the Library group if the board approves.
June 2020 Board meeting will be held on June 16th.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm. Sue motioned to adjourn and Kristi seconded.

Board Meeting 5/21/2020