Whitesville Public Library
Meeting Minutes June 16th, 2020
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM, with Karen Smith, Joanna Clark, Kristi Garis, Kerry
West, Sue Ellison, Sandy Knowles and Shambra Hamilton in attendance.
Kristi motioned to accept the minutes from the May meeting and Sue seconded.
Monthly Financial Report for May. Kerry motioned to accept and Kristi seconded.
Bills for review: $100 to Alvin King for landscaping. Kristi motioned to accept and Sue
Director’s Report:
● The board decided that a minimum of ten children would be necessary to proceed with
the Chris Johnson virtual program. Participants must be registered by Friday, July 17th.
● In addition to the other donations for reopening, Butch Calcote of Fassett Lane donated
plexiglass and 2x4s for the Director’s desk.
● The Board agreed to host an Usborne Books party in July.
● Days and times for cleaning the library for reopening will be scheduled by email. Books
and bookshelves need to be dusted and floors and walls cleaned before 6/29. Shambra
will install the hand sanitizers.
Kristi motioned to accept the Director’s report and Kerry seconded.
Budget Committee Report: TBA
Building and Maintenance Report: Nothing to report
Fundraising Report:
● The library will not be selling food at the town-wide yard sale in July. Books for sale will
be located behind the library.
● The Ice Cream Social is still planned for August 5th. We will not provide tables. Karen
will contact Dick Pensyl to see if he would like to perform.
● The Garden Tour is also still planned for Saturday August 8th from 11:00-3:00. We will
have a tent set up in front of the library for maps, liability forms, donations and surveys.
The restrooms will not be available and there will be no snacks or drinks provided by the
library, although Garden Tour hosts may opt to provide these. Kay Nagey has provided
Karen and the Board with a to-do list and it was decided that Sandy will contact Hotline
for advertising and Roger Easton for the town sign. Mike Smith will set up and take down
the tent and Kristi will do the thank-you notes. Sandy will provide the door prize, and the
drawing will be Monday, August 10th. There are eight new gardeners this year, and
Joanna will get additional yard flags for them.
Policies and Procedures Report: Kristi motioned to accept the WPL Behavior Policy and Sue
seconded the motion.
Old Business: Nothing to report.
New Business: The Board decided to remove five dying shrubs from the landscaping and put
down weed block, mulch and possibly plant other annuals and perennials. The two yellow plants
that flank the sidewalk by the entrance will also be removed and replaced with containers of
seasonal plants and/or decorations. Kerry motioned to accept and Sue seconded.
July 2020 Board meeting will be held on July 21st at 7:00 PM
Meeting was adjourned at 8:09 pm. Kristi motioned to adjourn and Kerry seconded.

June, 2020 Board Minutes